Renaissance Women's Healthcare, PA

Welcome to Renaissance Women's Healthcare

At Renaissance Women's Healthcare, P.A. where looking after your health is our primary concern. Our expertise with such important women's health issues as Osteoporosis, Cancer treatment, family planning and many other areas, enables us to effectively treat what really concerns women. Combining that expertise with understanding is what distinguishes the professional staff at the Renaissance Women's Healthcare, P.A.

We're proud of our reputation for delivering quality care to women throughout this region, and we look forward to helping you understand what's best for your health.

In addition to providing health care, we also try and equip our patients with preventive measures, especially when it concerns osteoporosis, a disease that gradually weakens the bones. Over 20 million women have this condition, and if you're one of them, we can measure your current bone density, and prescribe a healthy routine that will help slow down the deteriorating effects of osteoporosis.

Are you aware of all that Renaissance Women's Healthcare, P.A. offers? In addition to such specialty areas as Laparoscopic Diagnosis and surgery, Hysterectomy, sterilization, amniocentesis, and sonography, we also provide routine and complicated Obstetrics, second opinion consultations, Urinary Stress incontinence, and in house lab facilities. We look forward to demonstrating how our state of the art services can make a difference to your health.

Consider Renaissance Women's Healthcare, P.A. as your first stop to better health. Our variety of specialties not only insures we review your complete health picture, but, it also helps you understand more about your overall health. Here we focus on the art of healing, and prevention, and our approach to healthcare is delivered with understanding, and respect for your privacy.

For your convenience, please note that the Renaissance Women's Healthcare, P.A. is open Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm. Our clinic is located at 5115 South McColl Rd. in Edinburg, Texas. Not only are we a Medicare and Medicaid provider, but we also accept most healthcare insurances. We look forward showing you how caring is not just a word, it's the way we practice medicine at Renaissance Women's Healthcare, P.A.

Osteoporosis Center Osteoporosis affects every four out of five women. It's the leading cause of hip, vertebral & wrist fractures in women. Help preserve your independence.